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American Barbecue Systems
Smoker Grills that are manufactured with professional quality, creative design and unique features
15612 South Keeler Terrace Olathe, Kansas 66062 Phone: 913.254.1600
All Star Smoker Grill Pit Boss Smoker Grill Judge Smoker Grill Jugde

American Barbecue Systems smoker and grills are manufactured in Kansas City with professional quality, creative design and unique features, all which will make you become the master chef at your next barbecue event. Whether you are in the backyard, at a competition, or a catering event, with an American Barbecue Systems smoker/grill, you can look like the professional chef we all inspire to be.

With the versatility of the American Barbecue Systems smoking and grilling feature, and cooking with your choice of charcoal and hardwood, you get the conveniences of two units for the price of one.

With multiple dampers and precise settings, you can easily control the amount of heat and smoke preferred to create tasty barbecue masterpieces everyone will enjoy.
The creative design and features make the units easy and enjoyable to cook with and operate like a convection style oven.

Our models range in size to accommodate the backyard barbecue enthusiast, as well as, the competitor, the caterer, and the restauranteur.

  ABS Standard Features Include:
• Full length firebox with damper between smokebox and firebox
• Insulator/Heat Shield in Firebox
• Indirect and Direct cooking
• Convection style cooking
• Interior Ash Removal Rake System
• Stainless steel cooking racks and grates
• Stainless steel removable work shelves
• Stainless steel cool touch handles
• 1½ Brass ball valve for drainage of smokebox
• Large easy read high temp gauges
• Firebox intake dampers
• Smokestack damper/cover
• Heavy duty door hinges
• High temp paint
Smoke with the best

Build it in!
For someone who barbecues often or merely enjoys the smoked taste of meat, a built-in smoker is a dream come true.

Build it in
Bobbie & Robert   Bobbie & Robert "Lee" McWright
"The Music City Pig Pals"
In May of 2006 Bobbie & I had the privilege of meeting the Mitchell and Hillman families, better known as American Barbecue Systems. That meeting changed our barbecue life in a very positive way. Over the next 18 months (using the Pit Boss & All Star) we've competed in 36 events, finishing in the top 10 overall in 24. Winning the Grand Championship at The Best of the Best in 2006.
All three models lead the way in craftsmanship and engineering, meaning they are built for life and yes they perform flawlessly.
The baffle system between the fire box and cooking chamber give the cook options they haven't had before. The state of the art clean out system makes cleanup and storage a breeze. Over the years Bobbie and I have cooked on a number of different units, but for true barbecue flavor and unit efficiency, American Barbecue Systems surpasses all.
Who says change isn't good.

Thanks again,

Bobbie & Robert "Lee" McWright
"The Music City Pig Pals"

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